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100 Good Wishes Quilt Squares

Our quilt squares are made with unbleached muslin and are available in 5 x 5 and 7 x 7 sizes (the actual squares have a seam allowance).  The listed sizes are for a finished square.

5 x 5 square with unique* Chinese Name:    $22.00
5 x 5 square with Chinese symbol such as "love", etc.,    $12.00

7 x 7 square with unique Chinese Name:       $23.00
7 x 7 square with Chinese symbol such as "love", etc.,    $13.00

All squares also include the message "100 Good Wishes For" and the child's first name.  Email for personalized orders.

* A "unique" name would be, for instance, your child's Chinese name in Chinese symbols.

Customers also ordering a blanket with unique Chinese symbols receive a discount on the squares that will have the same unique symbols.

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